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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fuggetaboutit!!! Blog Review


Blog by middle age Italian male who makes fun of…well, everything.

Profile: I’m a 49 year old shrinking Italian comedian. I've been married for 28 years... In a ROW! I have two grown sons and two grandsons so I'm basically an overweight, middle aged, balding ATM machine.

That profile snippet was what made me take a second look at Fugetaboutit!!! - not the Italian-pride colored blog page. I figured it might be some stereo typical “Italian” humor, maybe funny, maybe not… he would say “Yous guys” a lot and talk about pasta.

Well, there is some pasta talk. But his grammar is actually just fine

Mr Tony Calabrese of San Diego, California, always makes my day. I save his blog for the moments when I really need a laugh, sometimes for weeks, and then I go and just read through them straight until I get to the last place I left off. By the end of it, guaran-frickin-teed, I’ll be laughing.

It says on his webpage that as far as a profession is concerned, he’s actually a banker. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to get a loan from this dude. It also explains that he’s a stand-up comedian (since 1995, folks) and I can definitely believe that. I only wish I was closer to his hometown so I could go to his stand-up show, or at the very least become his stalker.

Because he makes me laugh.

Fugetaboutit!!!! Is spare, large in font, and easy to read. It’s like reading a comic strip in blog form. He is one of those gifted people who takes a simple, ordinary occurrence like say, a telephone conversation with his son, or a trip to the grocery store with his wife, and turns it into comedic gold. Most of his posts consist of written conversations, between Tony and the patient, or baffled, loved ones in his life. As you read the blog, you’ll quickly become familiarized with his style of writing and smile in helpless anticipation when you read a title such as, “Vince Lombardi… Pray For Us…” or at a post that begins with, “Babysitting…”

Mr. Calabrese is one of the best of the best. It’s worth your time to scroll back through the archives, because this guy’s sense of humor did not grow up along with his new blog template. He was funny from the get-go. In his own words, from the very first post, I could click back to:

"I can tell you this. Fat people don’t bounce when you drop them.

They say your life flashes before your eyes at the moment of your death but when you’re just going to be seriously injured the only thing you can think of is “Shiiiiii…………”

Using my catlike reflexes I was able to brake my fall, most cats land on their feet, I landed on my face.

I wasn’t unconscious that long. Just a few seconds actually. At the moment I regained consciousness I was thinking, “Auntie Emm, Auntie Emm it’s a twister! It’s a twister!” Then I checked for my teeth."

Heehee. It’s funny when people call themselves fat. It’s funnier when they say they are fat and they fell down. (Oh, you think that's mean? So I’m sick, sue me.)

Looking at his profile page, you can see that he intended to run more than one blog. There was supposed to be one called “My Weekly Rant” that I probably would have paid a small fee via paypal or epay to read. Sadly, it doesn’t exist. Then there’s another one that looks like it was supposed to be about, for and completely made up of jokes. That one, also, presumably never got off the ground. Thanks the wide blue heavens that Fugetaboutit!!! did. Otherwise I’d have some pretty gloomy moods to contend with, like giant squishing slugs trailing across my life, and no Italian salt like this Tony to pour on them.

The Italian banker with a mouth. Check it.


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