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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Asian Heartthrobs 2006

Ok, ok, I have to go to work and I am procrastinating in a terrible way. I don't WANT to go to work. I should review my job sometime on here, but that would be too damn depressing. Who wants to read about eight hours in the level of Hell known as Flower Land? Oh, I know, you'd think it was heavenly, but you'd be SO wrong.
I am going to be reviewing "Waiting" shortly, as requested via email very shortly. I just have a lot to say about it and haven't gotten to sit down here on my lovely rolling chair with the squeak much in the last couple of days.
I am also reading "Atlas Shrugged" as per request, although that was just suggested reading, not necessarily asking for a review. But you'll probably get one anyway.
How's my cold? Oh thanks very much for asking! It has evolved into a deep, lung-busting cough that keeps me awake a good portion of the night and sends interesting phlegm chunks flying into space if I don't cover my mouth. Oh gross, you thought I was serious. I always cover my mouth. I don't even know what phlegm chunks are... or what they would look like... or ... anything.
I really don't.
So the reason I sat down here this morning is to bring to your attention an interesting site I found while browsing through the hallways of John Pallson's top blogspots which I was cordially invited to join by email. I wanted to see who I would be rubbing shoulders with in the blog universe, so to speak.
Here is my answer. Asian heartthrobs 2006. Tagline? "There are many Asian hunks... but only a few of them can make your heart throb." Aint that the truth. I have said so myself many times. I had to check this out, because I wanted to see what the Asian heart throb finalists looked like...who doesn't? They're all adorable Asian, heart-throbby looking boys, but the part I LOL'd at (see previous post) and wanted to show the world was the description of Edison's film career ... damn it, it's right-click protected, probably just to prevent people like me from stealing words to the effect of...
"Edison's first movie, Gen-Y Cops, received terrible reviews from the Hong Kong media. As he has gained more experience he has improved somewhat since those early days. He recently starred in the film Jiang Hu in which his character had to rape a dog as punishment. This scene however, did not bring praise from the critics as Edison remains, as some critics say, 'talentless'."
What what what????
He raped a dog and still did not receive the adoration of the critics as (obviously) expected? What does a guy have to do around Hong Kong to get some frigging respect?
My vote for Asian hunk better count, because this guy has had to suffer some hard knocks in his brief film career.
Honestly. Still "talentless". Humph.


Blogger alethegoodsoul said...

I've always known that hott Asians existed... especially when I came across a japanese that I swear to you was taken directly out of an anime series at the San Diego airport... but this website... Heartthrobs indeed...

Poor Ed, though. I hope he wins...

Sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you feel better soon.

OH! Atlas Shrugged!!! That book is in my list... I'm going to tackle Anthem first, though, because (well, I saw it first at the bookstore and) it's very dystopian. Or at least sounds like it is. Dystopian or antitopian... still, great read.

Hope you feel better!

And one last thing, once I get some money for movie rentals, I'll take you on your Clerks recommendation. *tear* I wish I had a job...

9:22 PM  
Blogger sock puppet said...


You got a genuine LOL from me when you expressed dismay at the critics’ failure to respect the talented Edison. The way you write keepings luring me back for more.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

Goody Goody! Fans! I like fans...keep coming back, kids, and remember... I take requests.
I should have posted something else by now, but I'm immersed in the newest Lee Child novel... I'll brb, promise.

10:12 PM  

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