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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hollywood Machine Blog Review

Blog Review-Hollywood Machine
hilarious blogger talks about things like Thailand, turtles, and Fridays

It’s obvious to those who know me that I am seeking escape. I mean, “real life” often leaves a lot to be desired, and I seek escape in “not-real life” as often as possible in as many forms as I can…i.e. books, movies, television, an extensive fantasy life, drugs, the internet… some of you are picking up what I’m putting down, you know the score, you got the idea, you are cognizant of the mind event I am inviting you to attend.


In the spirit of escape, I seek out blogs that

  1. make me forget where I am and the completely suck-ass life I lead
  2. make me become immersed in someone else’s problems instead of my own and thus relieve me, for a short time, from the burden of my incredible self-pity
  3. make me laugh until I pee.

It is in the spirit of Number Three that I introduce my Blog of the Day, The Hollywood Machine. I haven’t been reading this blog for long, admittedly. I don’t know all of the intimate details of this blogger’s life, just his initials, THM, and I don't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Or if he already considers himself grown up. Though I doubt that. He's pretty self-aware in a very amusing way. What I do know is that this blogs makes me laugh, every goddamn time.

Takes place in Hollywood, that land of golden opportunity and a million miles of cocaine trails to ski on. Author is crack-you-up funny, speaks many anecdotal things that will bring forth the afore mentioned peeing, doesn’t accept comments, which gives the impression that he writes for the sheer pleasure of it and doesn’t care who/how many visits his little home in the blogspot universe. Or maybe he was plagued with comments from assholes and or spammers and figured he’d never have a real audience so why not take away the expectation and relieve himself of the burden… doubtful, that, because this guy is funny, and most funny people are aware of it. Might deny it, but know it.

Example of funniness: on his sidebar….

About Me and Others Like Me.

· 1) Move to LA.

· 2) Work at CAA, ICM.

· 3) Whiskey Bar, Skybar, models.

· 4) Snort a powdery Everest.

· 5) Go quietly insane.

· 6) 12 step your way to success.

· 7) Become Producer.

· 8) Wonder if there's more to life.

· 9) Discover answer is "no".

· 10) Ah, blissful acceptance.

Totally worth the time- scrolling down to the

Flashback: Southern Thailand: First 4 Parts.

It’s not necessarily a “funny” story, though it does have its moments, see

…“You want to see me devoured by Barracudas, right?” Sabine asked sarcastically.
No, not Barracudas, I thought to myself, and the Heart song started in my head with its steady, signature guitar riff. Da, di-DI da, di-DI da, di-DI da, di-DI da, DA NUH-NUH! Ohhhhhhhh.....BARR-A-CU-DA!!!”

…. Hehehehe… I’m still chuckling about that….but for the “Escape” value, it scores high. A trip to Thailand…hmmm… wouldn’t that be cool, especially the Thailand he describes. I cannot wait for the final installments to his story, because he really leaves you hanging. Worth checking out the sidebar adventures he has to offer as well. He seems to hang with funny people as well as being one himself. Hollywood Machine. Checkit.


Blogger Mighty Michele said...

First of all (and don't take this the wrong way because I LOVE dick), you are on fire. I have been reading The Hollywood Machine ever since I first happened upon him, and I pretty much couldn't agree with you more. This guy is a creative are you in all your self-deprecating (i.e. my life sucks) youness. I continue to aspire to expressing my hilarious thoughts so well on the page.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

Hey I bet you say that to all the biased book/movie/life reviewers. Don't play me, girl. hehehe. I think you do just fine at expressing your hilarious thoughts, i.e.

Q: So my question do you remain kind? I mean, it's obvious from your blog that you are an intrinsically kind person and working in that environment, around the "fake" people all the time, how do you remain true to you?

A: I've become an excellent bullshit artist. It's all covered in my one page .35 per copy eBook entitled "I've become an excellent bullshit artist" which is available for purchase upon request.

hehehe... you fit in my pee category.

7:47 AM  
Blogger konagod said...

Since I'm obviously ALWAYS seeking escape, I'll have to check out this blog. It might even make me miss LA but I doubt that!

P.S. Now I'm getting real nervous. Your word verification almost had me spelling fuhrer!

3:04 PM  
Blogger Meowkaat said... vill take over Ze Vorld!

12:41 PM  

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