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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Post Secret Blog Review

Post Secret
Blog about people's secrets...duh

Ok so I immediately break my first rule of Blog Review Sunday.
I didn't intend to share any of my favorites until my I.A.* grew. And yet today, I'm bringing out the Big Gun, the All-Time favorite blog of the Kaat. The Secret Posting Place. The Blog of All Secrets Posted. El Blog El Secret. All I can say in my defense is that I just couldn't resist. So the compromise I made with myself (a long and arduous process that no one even remotely wants to hear or read, I know) is that if the I. A.* grows, I will post about Post Secret again. And again. And again. Ok. Let's quit the babble and begin.
Post Secret is my guilty secret.
Well, let me rephrase that, because it's not a secret if I'm blathering on about it on the internet, now is it? Yelling to the world in general, "HEY this is a SECRET!" makes it really... not one.
So Post Secret is my guilty sharing. I mean, wouldn't that be the opposite of secret? A sharing? Is a sharing a word? Probably not, but this is, let me say it again, my blog, and therefore any creative grammar I choose to use is to be considered charming and a sweet little idiosyncrasy of mine, and definitely not "retarded and idiotic", thanks.
If you have never gone to this site, you must do so immediately!
Self-described:(PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.)
If you're going, huh? that's because you have not yet gone to this site. I'm telling you, do so at once. I'll wait here.
Every Sunday, first thing when I sit down at my computer, armed with coffee and bagel (or a piece of bloody meat if I happen to be on a carb-conscious diet at the time), I spin the mouse on over to Post Secret. My mind brims over in awe at the images. My heart thunders at the words, hand-written or typed or cut out. My whole being quakes at the fact that so many people... so many brilliant, angry, hurting, shamed, proud, scared, joyful people are creating such moving, speaking, pieces of art, and sending them, measuring 4x6, to this website.
It's really wonderful.
It's really heart-rending.
I eat this sucker up faster than my bagel, even if it's toasted blueberry, slathered with real, full-fat cream cheese. That should tell you how much I enjoy this site.
Some of the secrets are happy ones, but not usually. I think, in general, secrets aren't usually good things. We, as humans, basically want to share joy, so if something is deemed appropriate for hiding, it's probably not all that joyfilled.
Most of these secrets are angry, or hurt. Some will make you bust a gut laughing. Some will make you instantly tear-up. Some are outrageous. Some are disgusting. A lot of them are painful. They are all riveting, and again, I urge you, member of my I.A.*, if you have not yet stepped into the Post Secret Garden, go go go!
What I find most wonderful about Post Secret is that I can clearly see through comments that we have more in common than we think, we people. A lot of the secrets that seem lonely, only happened to me, and no one understands, are actually shared with others, and empathy is available upon request.
There is a Post Secret book out. I was so disappointed when my birthday last month came and went and I didn't receive a copy, despite heavy hints and many wistful comments on my part about how I'd like to get that book, but geez I feel bad spending the money on myself.
People in my life are not big hint-takers.
So in celebration of...what,what can I be celebrating? Hmmm, how about this review? Yeah, yeah, in celebration of my first Blog Review, I'm hopping on over to the Post Secret site and ordering me a copy. Perhaps that'll be the next book I review.
The question you might have is...does Kaat send in secrets? Well, yes, yes I do. So far, I haven't seen one appear on the page, but I keep watching, and I'll let you know when does. I'm confident it will happen. I won't tell you which one when it does appear, but I will tell you it's there.

Post Secret. Check it.

*Imaginary Audience


Blogger konagod said...

I came to check out your blog also. I see you like "Hustle and Flow" .. funny because we just watched that last night and I was so impressed!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

"Hustle and Flow" was like expecting to scratch off a lottery ticket and win back your money, and discovering you'd hit the jackpot instead. My son nagged me into watching it and I was resigned to two hours of extreme boredom.
What a surprise.
Terrence Howard deserved an oscar for that one. I read an article with him in it later, that said he never even listens to rap in his real life. What an actor!
Thanks for stopping by, do come again!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Bitty said...

I grew up in an alcoholic household, and one day, long since grown, I was discussing the past with one of my seven (yes, 7!) sisters. We agreed that when we were children we believed that No One Else Lived Like We Did.

Astonishing to grow up and discover otherwise. And comforting in its sad way.

This is PostSecret's magic. As you said.

I wish I lived somewhere near where Post Secret is doing exhibits so I could go. I hate to see the cards go away on the site each week. I've saved just a few to my computer: the ones that make me cry.

12:48 PM  

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