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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Movie Review

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005
Robert Downey Jr.
Val Kilmer
directed by: Shane Black
Rated:R for language, sex and nudity
Time: 103 minutes

Ohmy. That's what I have to say about this.
I rented Kiss Kiss Bang Bang because I wanted something not too hard to follow while I did my toenails last night. What I thought would be a pleasant, slightly funny movie, perhaps even in the arena of "madcap", turned out to be an owner movie.
As in, I am going to have to own 'er.
Robert Downey Jr., and let me say for the record that I don't give a good goddamn what kind of drugs he takes or how many stints in rehab he has done, mumbles and stumbles and sorta narrates this tale.
He plays Harry, a nice guy thief who accidentally bumps into a possible "big break", while fleeing the scene of a robbery, when he crashes into a room of movie producers watching try-outs. Just that scene, when he "tries out" for the part, made me start laughing. I like it when I' m laughing within the first ten minutes of a show.
He is whisked off to California for a screen test and gets mixed up in an insane whodoneit. He is joined by Val Kilmer who plays "Gay Perry", a homosexual private detective whose dialouge alone is worth watching the movie for. Downey and Kilmer are fantastic together. My stomach hurt from laughing at the exchanges between them. Watch for: "That was the single gayest thing you have ever done." LOL!!! The two of them, joined by Harmony, Harry's long lost dream girl, follow a twisted route of murder, trying to figure out things like; who the body is that they find in a lake, why it got there, how it ends up in Harry's hotel, how Harmony's sister ends up dead and did she hire Perry before her death and who is responsible for the entire thing?All clearly evident from the previews or write-ups that I read before renting this.
What is not evident is the way this movie is so furiously funny, so sharply sarcastic and quick-wittedly dry, that you will be laughing your ass off, if you don't miss the incredibly good lines Downy is mumbling under his breath. You have to really listen to this movie to appreciate the writing as much of it passes so quickly, one line right after another, that if you tune out for a second, you lose out on a laugh. I was incredulous watching the events unfold, my sympatheties totally with poor, unofrtunate, and (horrible)accident -prone Harry. I kept finding myself moaning, "Oh shit....NOOOO..." but in a good way, I promise.
I give it 4 &'s of 5....

& Robert Downy Jr. is great
& Val Kilmer is great
& the writing is so sharp!
& the plot unfolds quickly and seamlessly


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