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Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Russlings" Blog Review

blog about animals at the North Carolina Zoo

Some folks are animal people, and some are not. I have always been an "animal" much so that I generally tend to like animals more than people. And before you ask, because everyone always DOES, I guess I'd be a Dog Person, despite the fact that I consider myself to be a kaat. What I don't understand about the raging debate between Dogpeople and Catpeople is why we have to pick one. Why can't you be a Bothpeople? I have a dog and I have a cat and they are both unique and fascinating and fun to live with in their own way. When I got them, I never thought I'd have to make a choice on a semi-regular basis between them when I am confronted (somewhat hostile, while the asker usually wears a strange little grin like, "Aha, I got you now" that really creeps me out because... Got me why? How? What would you want to get me for?) with the question, "Well, are you a dog person or a cat person?" All the while, smirking that knowing smirk, because apparently you can tell a lot about a girl based on if she chooses a cat or dog as "her" animal. I think we are supposed to be "like" the animal we choose. Well, sorry, but Kaat is a Dogperson, if the choice has to be made.
I'd rather hang out with my dog than anyone else on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Along with my love for animals is my deep interest in them. Animal Planet is the best channel on TV that I can think of. There's always something new and different to learn about in the animal kingdom, and one thing is a fact....There's some WEIRD shit going on out there in Faunaland.
For instance, I am reading a book right now that introduced me to the idea of the "candiru", a tiny catfish that is easily the nastiest fricking thing I can imagine living in the water. Read about it if you dare. I'll just tell you that it has to do with privates and places no fish should EVER be.
Anyway, my enjoyment of the animal world and my interest in learning more about it is helped along considerably by my blog review today. Russ Williams is the blogger, and he quite cleverly made a pun of his name when he titled his blog "Russlings". The dude is the executive director of the private membership "N.C. Zoo Society" and in his moments of leisure he puts together this incredibly neat blog.
Russ shares stories, anecdotes, and interesting facts about the critters in the North Carolina Zoo and other zoos worldwide. In fact, he seems to be the authority on what' happening in the zoo world, and if I was wondering about, say, the possible risk of zoos being targeted by terrorists, he'd be the guy I'd ask about it. And then I'd discover that he already answered my question with his amazing super powers and posted it here. He is a fairly constant poster, with new stuff on there almost daily, and I always enjoy the photographs he shares, as well as the little snippets of info and links.
This week alone, I learned about baby giant anteaters, the looming possibility of extinction for the West African Black Rhino (yes I've heard those beasts are crabby, but let's not wipe them out, ok?) and how animals keep cool in the blazing summer heat. Dirt, for one, curious people. And ice chunks with fruit involved for elephants... who, by the way, can be nice, flappy-eared gentle giants or they can be psychotic, flappy-eared mad killers, as I learned in Russlings this week. What drives an elephant to kill, I wonder? Is it because someone let a candiru loose in their bathing pool? Well, if the answer is known, I'm sure I could find it in Russlings' archives.
I always love the photographs Russ posts as well, like I said. Some are totally click-and-save worthy. Today, I am adding Russlings to my list of Oldies-Goodies blog list. I've been checking it long enough to add it now. If you like animals, I strongly suggest you go check it out for yourself. If you don't, well...what kind of a person are you anyway? Who doesn't like animals? You have a problem, buddy. A big one.

Russlings- give a shout out to da Zoo Man!


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