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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Is This REALLY My Life?/Co-Worker Hate Blog Review

Is This REALLY My Life?/Co-Worker Hate Blog
Blog about her life (mostly work life)and what she hates in it.
Good laughs.

Welcome to another addition of Blog Review Sunday. First of all, I have to ask, who the hell gets a cold in August? The kind that keeps you up half the night hacking away and leaves your head feeling stuffed full of cotton ... err, no, that'd be snot, actually.... makes your bones ache, causes you to sneeze on your keyboard and then go, "ewww...", wipe it off, and promptly sneeze again? Well, the answer is ME. I do.
So I'm grumpy and sick and I have to keep sniffing and sniffing to keep the annoying little stream of moisture from running out of my left nostril (the right one is plugged). Too much information? Sorry, but I believe in being open with my readers. So I sound like a coke head, SNIFF sniff SNIFF, I look like an alien with my swollen eyes and red nose, no actually, make that Santa after a bender, and I cough like a lung cancer patient standing on the fire escape of the hospital, sneaking a camel. Hackety-hack-hack.
When I'm feeling grumpy and out-of-sorts, there are a few special blogs that I keep in reserve, that make me laugh out frickin loud. You might be aware of the LOL I'm referring to. "LOL" is used far too often in our little Internet world, (like "I love you" in the real world, but that's another rant) because how often do you think the person typing in "LOL" or the appropriate "laughy" face icon is really laughing OUT LOUD? I'd bet my ugly old monitor (because I need a new one anyway and if you win the bet, there's not going to be any regret in my household) that the answer is not very often. Laughing out loud is rare. I might smile broadly or even chuckle within the confines of my own head. Occasionally a snort of mirth will escape. But LOLing is pretty rare, namely because it brings people swarming from all areas of the house/office/internetfrickincafe for god's sake... to my desk, going, "What are you laughing at? What's so funny? What what what WHAT?" and I immediately scream and open fire with the Uzi I keep beneath my chair, killing them all, but not without a lot of regret because I'm not normally a violent person.
Ok, so that's in my imagination, but you get the point.
I don't usually LAUGH out LOUD. But these blogs I mentioned way up there before I went off on another of my strange tangents, actually make me laugh out loud. I try to read them when I'm alone or have a cold like the one I have today because then people are afraid to approach me for fear of 1. Getting the cold themselves, or 2. Being sprayed with mucus, neither a fun prospect. So here's the next question... why do I laugh out loud? Not at their funny, funny jokes (although they might have those) and not at their cute little sayings (although they have those occasionally too) or the foibles of their daily existence (though those are sometimes damn hilarious)... but at their full-on, in-your-face, angry, sarcastic, rage. Maybe rage seems a little too harsh of a word to use, but in the case of the blog I'm telling you about today, Is This REALLY MyLife/Co-Worker Hate Blog I'd say that rage is an appropriate word. Of course, her rage is always tempered with humor, but it's there all the same, bubbling away like some noxious stew she's mixing inside her head as she gazes around at the people she despises in her workplace.
Linka72, the blog's author, has only been blogging since June, but I am hoping quite fervently that she keeps it up. Her prose is witty, quick, and sharp as a Ginsu knife, you know, the kind that can slice through a tomato and a can? If you don't know what I'm talking about, again, I am old and have proven the gap between generations simply by using a television commercial as a metaphor. But I'm going to let explain ginsu knives, if you care to go so far as to check it.
BACK to ... I can't type all of that title out, so I'm shortening it right now to "Really My Life", the better to make the author scream if she reads this review. I'm not trying to depress her, or increase her rage (well, maybe that a little, because rage means good writing in her case) just trying to shorten the time I spend typing, really. This blog is FREAKING HILARIOUS. Her descriptions of various co-workers who make her life a living hell are great. Since she has only been blogging since June, it takes no time at all to dash through the archives and familiarize yourself with such folks as:
  • the Bitch who always disagrees with everything Linka72 says (I have KNOWN people like that and I hate them with a red fire ant hatred, I know them... I know them!!!!) Example: "I expressed how stupid it was that people did not turn their lights on when it was raining and overcast or dreary outside, especially people with grey cars who are in my blind spot. She proceeded to yell: IF YOU CAN"T SEE A CAR COMING, YOU REALLY NEED TO GET YOUR DIABETES CHECKED!!" Hahahaaaa... yes, what DOES that have to do with diabetes? Proof that she's going blind because she doesn't manage her disease "correctly"?
  • "Belly", my personal favorite, who actually has a list of annoyingness early on in the blog, including his fat stomach and his derogatory remarks about plus size women, a constant nose whistle and giggling. Plus he has stalker tendencies.
  • Her idiotic customers, who are so stupid, they probably need a how-to manual to dial for help from people like Linka72 and she would then need to come to their house and explain how to use it to them.
  • The co-worker who wears "retro" but uncool clothing from the eighties and is rather large in physique. I believe Linka72 describes her as looking like a muffin top with her tucked-in shirt.
  • The podmate who repeats everything that is said, loudly. He is described by linka72 as having "some sort of "Parroting/Tourette's Syndrome-Disorder". You gotta love that shit! heeeheee! He also sings old songs from the nineties... she had dubbed the dude "Annoying Old Song Guy" but shortened it recently to "Shorty".
Interspersed with her anecdotal stories of the frigging freaks she has to work with (and for), she gives up the goods on her home life with Other Half, who it sounds like she is going to marry, and they are a seriously cute couple. As in, it makes me do the LOL when I read about some of the shit they argue about. Still, don't you think it's rare when people love each other just for who they are, none of the extraneous bullshit needed? I do, which is why I like reading about her and her boytoy. I also like it when she blogs about the Pregnant Friend Who Can Eat Everything In A Room. My hopes are that she keeps this rage-full shit up, starts talking abut the rest of her annoying co-workers, because I KNOW they're there, and that she gains the readership she deserves to have, everyone out here with a snotty nose and an attitude. Linka72's Place, check it.


Blogger The Pagan Temple said...

It's a good site. I'll check it out in more detail later, I might add it to my blogroll. Keep up the good work, Meowcatt. I love you.LOL

10:06 AM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...


6:57 AM  
Blogger Linka72 said...

Meowkaat, you are THE SHIT..I mean that in a good way.
I've noticed your comments on my blog before.
I was feeling a little neurotic and I Googled my blog's name today.
I happened upon your lovely review and I am truly're pretty fucking hilarious yourself missy!! (I also meant that in a good way).
Thanks for reading my blog, believe you me (I sound like I'm 80) I have LOTS of rage in me and blogging is such a great outlet for it.
Thanks again!!
P.S. Don't worry about shortening the blog's name..I just call it Hate for me.

4:23 PM  

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