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Monday, April 21, 2008


It's pretty damn sad when you go to your blog, dusty and alone, sitting in the Neglected Corner of your life, and think, hey maybe I will post something, and discover that you have forgotten your password to Blogger.
I can use all the excuses I want, like:
I have been battling with this terrible depression stuff, and even though the medication is allowing me to wash my hair, it certainly doesn't afford the luxury of being articulate and/or humorous.....
Or perhaps:
my life is really hectic...
OR better yet:
it is hard to type when you are wearing acrylic nails...
OR even better still:
I have been too drunk to pay attention to the movies I have been watching lately... (and ohmygod please don't tell me I am not supposed to drink alcohol while taking antidepressants. My doctor already went on and on about it... yadda yadda health risk don't drink blah blah blah... like telling someone who thinks about slipping under a fast-moving bus on their next weekend off, just for shits-n-giggles, that drinking a wee bit o' wine while scarfing their meds might be hazardous to their health is actually going to make an even tiny impression in the gray matter... no, I don't think so.)
and all of those would be valid, and TRUE excuses for my neglect, but really, deep down, I know the real problem. It is that I am LAZY.
When I first started blogging, and thus was way back in the day of "And I Will Then, Be a Toad", my personal, heart-wrenching (snort) and oh-so filled with Too Much Information blog, I warned anyone who might stumble upon it that I was prone to this little habit of starting something, going full-steam ahead for a while, and then stopping, without warning, or even a very good reason. I am such a lame-ass. I quit things when the going gets good. My mixing up of metaphors doesn't even come close to explaining how screwed up that is, so I won't try. This means that as soon as I have regular readers and some emails to answer on a regular basis from my blog, that I will immediately act like the blog has a nasty communicable disease and I'm health conscious or something, and avoid all future contact, even when wearng a face mask like Michael Jackson's.
So. You have here, proof. Either I am psychic and can totally tell the future... or this has happened so many times in my life that I know exactly how lame I am and can't be bothered to make excuses anymore.
But you know, I miss this blogging stuff.
I see a movie that I really like, like "Juno" and I think, Oh I so need to blog about this!
But do I?
Hell no.
I think about it instead. Because somewhere, in Kattland, there is a sign that reads "Thinking about it is almost as good as doing it."
I am drifting, this is true.
However, this new monitor is really pretty fun to look at, and my chair is comfy. So I will make an effort.

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myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics