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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Every Time You Go Away....

... you take a piece of me with you... (cue sad music swell....)

Remember that lame 80's song that secretly made your throat get just a little bit tight? Ah so sad... we all know someone who, when they went away, took a piece of us with them, even if that remembering is from 1975 and we were wearing diapers and the going away person was our mama.
Gladly, however, it is NOT me. I have been gone for a long, long time, but since I'm just some idiot who posts the occasional biased movie or book review, hopefully I didn't take a piece of anyone's anything with me when I went, unless it was a piece of your indigestion, and in that case, damn it, come and get this thing! I don't want it anymore!
So here's the funny... what made me post today was that I have this ridiculous, absolutely useless assignment in one of my classes at college that requires us to not only start a blog, but post something there too.
College? Oh yes, I am back in school, and feeling very old, and very anxious about my homework and grades, and all of the shit I didn't care about at ALL when I was young, and big hair was in, and songs like the one I mentioned above played endlessly on the boombox.
The end result is that I opened up this dusty old blog, and found comments from people who were kind enough to still visit, even after all this time, and I got a little kick of enthusiasm at the thought of reviewing some new stuff.
So I'm gonna.
I had an email request for a review on the new Clint Eastwood movie, and that is recent enough that I can fulfill the request, and I've already seen it, so I can do so without spending twenty bucks! WOOT.
So, I shall be back shortly, with a new review.


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