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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guest Post by G: Review of My Dog

Due to the overwhelmingness of my idiotic life lately, I have fallen back on the tried and true method to take whenever I cannot get stuff done... I make someone else do it, in this case, my child was closest to the computer. So I give you Meowkaat's First Official Guest Post by my ten year old son, G. (I have left in errors and typos in place, because I think it's perfect the way it is. :)

I have a Papillion named Sweetie Pea. “Papillion” means “butterfly" in French. This breed of dogs comes from France. They are hundreds of years old and used to belong to the French royal families. They are still rare in the United States.

They are very cute. Their ears are big, and triangular in shape. This is where they get their names, because when the hair grows down on the ears and flutters, they look like butterflies sitting on their heads. They have a small face which makes them cute, with a pointed nose. Their eyes are big for their faces, and that is also what makes them cute. All animals with big eyes on little heads look cute. They are very small, these dogs, and my dog is smaller than normal. She weighs five pounds. They have feet like a rabbit’s that are called “hare feet”. Their hair is long and silky, and they are always white with colored patches. The patches can be brown, gold or black. Sweetie Pea’s hair is white with both ears being black and her eyes are surrounded by black too. The rest of her body is white, to the tip of her curly tail.

Most Papillion’s are supposed to have long hair but not Sweetie Pea. She has shorter hair than normal for this breed. This makes her rare and even cuter to me. Sweetie Pea’s job in our household is whenever someone is mad or sad, she makes them happy again. This is done by just looking at her. When I am upset my mom always says, “Think of Tweeters (that is her nickname),” and I can’t help it, I start to laugh just imagining her little face looking at me. She is full of energy and bounces around the house like she is on springs.

Sweetie Pea grew up with our old Doberman named Jett. She was kind of raised by him, so she thinks she is a Doberman, too. She has no idea how little she is and she thinks she is so tough, she can beat up anything. She picks on our new Doberman, Gemini. Gemini was raised by Sweetie Pea, and so she thinks she is a Papillion. We have crazy dogs! Sweetie Pea is a good watch dog. If anyone or anything comes in our yard or to the door, or even walks by on the sidewalk, she starts barking like crazy. Then Gemini starts up, too. We can’t ever let Sweetie Pea go outside because of her thinking she is a big dog. She would try to pick fights and get beaten or eaten up.

Last summer, my family went to the ocean for vacation. When we got there, we saw how much Sweetie Pea loved it. She would race across the sand like a little white bullet. She would chase the seagulls whenever they appeared on the beach. She would run so far and fast after them when they flew away that she looked like a little white dot.

One thing we discovered about Sweetie Pea on our trip was that she loved to also chase sand. My brother and I would throw handfuls of sand in the air and she would run and jump and snap at it wit her mouth. We played this for hours until she finally got tired.

Later that night, we noticed that Sweetie Pea didn’t seem to be herself. Instead of running around and being happy, she was just lying in the corner and her face looked very sad. We didn’t know what could be wrong with her and since we were far from home, my mom didn’t know what veterinarian to call. She gets as worried about sweetie Pea as she does about her kids. She loves that dog so much...well, so do I actually. We were all so worried! Then, late that night, she started throwing up. What do you think it was? Sand! She had swallowed so much sand at the beach when we were playing that she got sick. Her little belly must have been filled up with it. She threw up sand all night while my mom sat up and watched her. i don't know what she thought watching was going to do, but she is like that. She has to stay up with the sick one. So, then next morning, the funniest and grossest thing happened. Tweetrs was feeling fine, and went outside like normal. Then she went to the bathroom (number two) and we couldn’t help but laugh. It was a sandpoo. because it was shaped like normal, but it was totally made out of sand. It was so funny and so gross! I am laughing right now thinking about that sandpoo.

The one thing that Tweeters worships is the laser. It is a tiny, hand-held laser that sends out a bright red dot of light. She loves to chase that dot! It’s all she wants to do, all day, every day. If she knows where the laser is at, she will beg for it. She will sit on the floor by where it is, and look up at it, and then look at you, and whine in her throat. She will tremble and bark and even bite at you to get your attention so she can look at the laser and then back at you. She tries so hard to get you to play with her with it. When you give in and turn it on, and shine it on the couch cushions- WHAM! Sweetie Pea dives at the cushions and hits them so hard, face first, trying to bite the laser light. You can then scroll it across the floor and watch her run after it. If you shine it on a cardboard box, she will rip that box to shreds, thinking in her little dog brain that she is killing the big, bad laser!

Sweetie Pea does some other funny things, like licking my nose and my friend Zach’s nose. She knows a lot of words, but the one she hates is “Bath”. If you say it to her, she will shake and run away to hide. Her play growl sounds really stupid, like she is gurgling in her throat like a frog. Or a baby bear. She does the cutest trick if you hold her up by her stomach and tell her, “Say your prayers!” She puts her little front paws together and looks like she is praying. We get both of the dogs rawhide chews and we used to get a big one for the Doberman and a little one for Tweeters, but Sweetie Pea wants the big one and will sneak it away from the big dog, the first chance she gets. This is because of her thinking that she is a big dog, too.

Sweetie Pea makes me happy. No matter how sad I feel, or no matter what a bad day I might have had, she can always make me smile.

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Blogger Orhan Kahn said...

That is just an adorable review.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous lancelot said...

"All animals with big eyes on little heads look cute."
...never thought about it before, but he is RIGHT. LOL. Great post!

4:20 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

That's a great post. Of course, now I can't get sandpoo out of my head! Ew!!

2:20 PM  
Blogger hothot said...

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7:00 PM  
Anonymous said...

I love papillons! I have one named Sir Gakllent Goliath of Kittyhaven and he is my entier life! I'm hoping to breed him someday because he has perfect markings and I want to educate my friends and family about papillons. I loved reading your post!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

Hehehe pappy puppies are the best. I don't even remember how I smiled every day before I had one! I know most people think, "Oh hell, it's a DOG," but I am telling you doubters- paps are really different. I have never met a dog quite like Tweeters before. I swear she reads my mind. And it's a scary place in there, so her bravery cannot be doubted.

8:33 AM  

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