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Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Nate Is a Blog" Blog Review

Nate Is a Blog Blog Review

blog by Portland, Oregon comedian who has a long list of chuckles up his sleeve

I’ve been remiss, my gentle readers. I haven’t brought Blog Review Sunday to you in several long, lonely weeks. I am aghast at my own heartlessness…when I think about all of the people who depend upon me to direct their blogging on lazy Sunday mornings… the horror and confusion you all must have felt when there was NO BLOG TO GO TO… I am ashamed. Deeply. Contritely. Please forgive me.


I love to bring out the drama.

Yet here I am again, to help you find a chuckle, a giggle, a grin.

So if you do want me to review your blog, go ahead and email me. Don’t expect superfast results because I cook my blog reviews slowly, over time, tasting and sampling and sniffing from day to day, week to week. But I’ll get there eventually. Guess you’ll just have to keep coming back to see if you got lucky, huh?

Alrighty then….

On this fine Sunday I bring you Nate Is A Blog. One Mr. Nate Smith, from Portland, Oregon (a city I happen to adore and visit often, giving old Nate a little bit of a boost in my ratings system) makes his living as a comedian. It takes about three nanoseconds of reading his blog to understand that he must be successful at this.

The blog has been around since August, when he launched with the debut post “Blogs are stupid”. In the first (very few) posts, it looks like Nate intends to write a typical blog, you know, recording of thoughts, actions of the day, etc…. but by the time he got to “In My Head”, he was beginning to show serious signs of a sense of humor. Next up come the other perspective posts, some of my personal favorites, where he writes from the perspectives of wide-ranging things such as a ham sandwich, a dog, God Himself, and Toucan Sam. (Yes, that Toucan Sam…how many do you know?)

One of my favorite aspects of Nate Is A Blog is when he does the Best Nate Smith Ever Contests. Hahaha…excuse me, I’m laughing my butt off just thinking about it (and that is much preferred over something sweaty like a Stairmaster in removing those pesky pounds back there). Nate goes in search of other men of the same name and has a little internet showdown with them…deciding which of them is the “better” Nate Smith. In his own words:

“I am pretty aware that Nate Smith is a very common name. I've met several Nate Smiths in my day and heard of many more. I was sitting around the other day being extremely vain when I began to wonder where I ranked amongst all the other Nate Smiths in the world. I went to school with a Nate Smith and he was a total tool. So I know I got him beat. But how many other Nate Smiths am I better than? How many of them are better than me? I've decided to find out in a segment I call "Best Nate Smith Ever!"

The first installment of this grand idea can be found here.

(Currently, our Blogging Nate holds the position of Number Two, beaten out by the piratey, less-shallow, wiser, and better at creating beauty from fire Nate Smith. You have to admit, that’s pretty damn cool. And our Nate admits it, too. )

…if your name is Nate Smith, I totally encourage you to enter the fray and send him a challenging email.

Another regular feature on the blog is his F.A.Q. posts where he answers the legions of emails pouring in from his curious fans. Example:

“Q: What is more magical, a Dragon or a Unicorn?
A: This is a very good question, and I am honored that you think I can even answer this. The truth is, Dragons are not actually as magical as most people give them credit for. Rather, Dragons are legendary. Unicorns on the other hand are the most magical creature to ever exist. A big distinction between the two creatures is that many a dragon has been slayed, while Unicorns are so magical that no one would ever even want to slay a Unicorn. A Unicorn could spear you straight through the chest and spin you around on his horn, and while you were spinning around with your blood and life gushing out of you, you would still say, "Isn't this Unicorn beautiful!" If Unicorns wanted to, they could take over the world, but they are so magical that they don't need to take over the world. But then again, maybe they have taken over the world and this is exactly how they want the world to be. GOD I LOVE UNICORNS!!!”

He also takes the time to ask his readers’ opinions on some very important subjects, such as the recent “Should I Buy a Prosthetic Limb?” query, where he explains that no, he doesn’t exactly need one, but….

“I think you are being way too hasty and aren’t looking at the big picture. But you’ll just ignore that and try to tell me that buying a prosthetic limb when I don’t need one is immoral and an insult to those who really do need one. You’ll probably give me some sob story about little Jimmy who lost his leg in a freak Easy Bake Oven accident and needs a brand shining new leg and I might be taking the last one. Well first of all, Jimmy and I are probably not going to need the same size leg, so don’t worry. But again I tell you, you aren’t looking at the big picture. Haven’t you ever heard of supply and demand? If I buy a prosthetic limb, that will create more demand for prosthetic limbs, which in turn will force the prosthetic limb manufacturers to create a greater supply of them. The hike in supply will cause the price to go down. And then Jimmy will be able to get his tiny little fake leg for a much cheaper price. There you go Jimmy. Mobility is on me.”

Recently, Nate has tackled some stickier issues, political in nature, such as the well-thought-out post Where Have All the Ninjas Gone? He also has some great suggestions for halloween costumes for all those Last Minute Larrys who want to be an original. It’s worth the time to click on his links, especially his Myspace profile, where you can watch Mr. Smith in action via You Tube. My personal favorite remains the top one, where there’s some very fancy dancing.

I look forward to this blog having a long, illustrious life. Never fails to make me grin, even on a rainy Sunday. Nate Is a Blog. Check it!

Post Scripture... props have to go out to SQT's blog, that Nate pointed out, where there is a beautiful, touching story about a man and his mustache. Read it and just try not to be moved.


Blogger Queenie said...

Wow. You have so much to say about another person's blog.
I am rather impressed.


12:02 AM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

Yes, that is kind of the idea of Blog Review Sunday.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm honored by your review. I'ved added your link to my blog. Someday when I turn my blog into a published book I hope you will review it then too. Thank you.

Nate Smith

7:25 PM  
Blogger chikashi said...

Hello,how are you ?
My name is Chikashi Munakata in japan.
It is intersting blog.
I am making a site introducing blogs of all over the world.

If you can ,Can I introduce your blog on My site?
I hope many persons can get infromations ,establish good relationship on your site.

1:17 AM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

Nate.... it's MY honor to review the blog of the 2nd place Best Nate Smith EVER. I feel confident you'll hold the position. And of course I'll review your book... after I receuve my autographed copy, of course. :)
Chikashi, yes, sure you can introduce me on your site. Thanks for stopping by!

6:51 AM  
Blogger FAITH said...

oh my lord could we be sisters? i was reading your profile

11:26 PM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

Faith, It could be... my dad was a whore. ;) I'll blink on over to your site as soon as I get the chance. Thanks for stopping by, sissy.

7:26 AM  
Blogger LukeBuckham said...

1) "god" is a concept invented by terrorists

2) god goes nicely with peanut butter

3) god forgot to fill out its income tax form

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now i`ll read your rss

8:53 PM  

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