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Monday, December 11, 2006

Troll Baby Blog Review

Troll Baby Blog Review

blog about life with a mellow husband, a good child, and a troll baby, or in her own words...

"Canadian Mother of two boys - one Good Child and one Troll Baby. She is married to a wonderful man who loves her with everything he has got. Throw in an anxious female lab, and a rotten childhood (her own, not the dog's), that she sometimes makes fun of, and you've got one funny, touching place to fall on a daily basis. Put some fun in YOUR dysfunctional. Every. Single. Day."

I got an email this week from a regular reader who was complaining about my lack of posts. Well, I said to myself, the nerve of some people. Didn’t he go over and read all about my exciting new job at Kaat Litter?

Then I said to him, Ohmygod I’m so sorry, please don’t stop liking me…please keep coming to my blog. I promise I’ll be good, I promise! Please please just don’t go away!

And I fully intend to keep my word, to post more regularly, and to review SuperMan Returns, another promise I have not yet kept….. just not this week.

This week, I’m bringing you a Blog Review Monday. I hope each and every reader who adores me, and those that despise me as well, will vote in the weblog awards. If you adore me, do it because you adore me! If you despise me, do it because it will be a psychological backass thing to do and it will make me wonder what you are up to, for well, hours probably. See…Troll Baby has been selected as a finalist for Best Parenting Blog right here.

And if you have been paying attention to anything I say in the past, you will know that Troll Baby is simply my favorite mommyblog of, well, ever.

Troll Baby chronicles the life of one Karen Rani, owner and operator of the fabulous Troll Baby Designs. In said life, she is joined by her husband and (probably a really easy-going guy) Daren, her eldest, a Good Child (Dylan), and her youngest, The Troll Baby (Thomas) of Troll Baby fame.

Karen has had a “rough” life. I’m not saying that because she’s a pity seeker or a poor-me’er. Not in the least. In fact, she’s plucky, determined, optimistic, and just generally, an all-around kick-ass gal. She’s a perfect example of someone who has survived a less than stellar childhood and risen to a place of peace and happiness in her present- without letting the past call the shots. So often, people let their crappy childhoods pave the way for all future endeavors. It’s an excuse, even if it’s a real one, it’s still an excuse. I’m guilty of it myself on the rare (ok, so not very rare, but kind of rare) occasion. It makes me admire peeps like Karen all the more.

Ok, enough about how golden her character is. As she reads this, she’ll probably heave. Let’s get into the real nitty gritty…the real reason she’s my mommyblogger of all mommybloggers… the truth behind Troll Baby.

It’s just bust-a-gut, roll on the literal dirty floor, make ya tinkle, FUNNY.

This week, she’s teaching us how to make nipple cookies. See photo above. I ask you, can you do too much for a woman who will teach you that?

She used to have links on her blog to the Best Troll Baby Posts Ever, and that was very handy, for when you wanted to quickly find and read classic troll baby stories. (Are you reading this, Karen? Some of your fans forgot to bookmark the important posts and now can’t FIND them!) I used to amuse (and/or annoy) my husband by reading these posts outloud, laughing almost too hard to read, while he stood patiently, leaning toward the door, his eyes getting wider and wider, his smile tighter and tighter, as I gasped, “OHMY… wait, wait, here! Here’s another one. LISTEN!” Come to think of it, he might be glad the links are gone.

But I’ve dug around for a few of my personal favorites, for your clicking pleasure.

Where Thomas learns a new word….

Where you can discover why Karen refers to Dylan as the Good Child, and admire him from afar, as I do… this kid is seriously sweet- so sweet you probably gain a pound from reading about him.

Where you can laugh yourself silly over Troll Babyisms as I call ‘em (translated: that’s when Thomas talks, and Karen writes it up, it is too frickin hilarious, man!)

Where Thomas turns TWO, post filled with delightful Troll Babyisms and guaranteed to make any mother who even remotely remembers her children/s’ toddler years with any affection whatsoever… want to bawl. Here comes the throat lumps, here they come, dammit!

These are just some samples of Troll Bloggity Goodness. I suggest if you read them, and like them, that you shower Karen with praise and ask her real nice-like to post links to her Best posts Ever. You’ll be glad you did. I’ll be glad you did. Karen will pretend to be glad you did. We’ll all be glad, and it will be a glad, glad day.

Troll baby. Best Mommyblogger in the whole dang world. Check it.

Damn- don’t forget to vote! It’ll take three seconds of your time and I’ll feel obligated toward you forever. Who doesn’t like a nice cloud of obligation over a friend’s head, huh?

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OMG I can't comment. I just threw up. Ha ha..

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any news coming ?

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