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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Youragonyismyagony Blog Review

Youragonyismyagony Blog Review

Blog where a fictitious “agony aunt” (Read “Dear Abby like person, only Scottish") answers fake emails asking for advice with truly disgusting and wickedly funny instructions to improve their miserable lives.

So… if you’re in the mood for sheer nastiness. If you feel like laughing at other people. If you enjoy off-color jokes (really, REALLY off color in some cases), then I invite you to visit this little gem of a website, Youragonyismyagony.

This little blog is about as gross and nasty as it gets. It’s run by Pat, the Agony Aunt, who invites anyone with a problem to write in. In Pat, the Agony Aunt’s own words, “A small warm place, where your troubles can be aired and shared. A place of great love and compassion, A place where ,if you leave a problem you will pick up a solution. Think of it as A cure for all that ills you.”

And if you believe that, I have beautiful bridge you might want to look at investing in.

Patt Phatman from Scotland lists his profession as cartoonist on his profile page, and that is easily verified by the cartoons placed on his Agony Blog. I haven’t decided if all the bad grammar and misspellings are part of his enjoyable act or if he’s just careless and doesn’t believe in spellcheck, but I gotta say, I don’t really care. His “letters” asking for advice are always silly, his answers are what makes you chuckle. So off the wall and beyond anything resembling reasonable advice, it was inevitable that after reading here once or twice, I’d end up coming back often.

The blog has only been up and at ‘em since July, but just to give you an idea of what it’s all about here’s an early post that explains it.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


.........And no one can help .......Ask pattagony who will give poor quality and probably very wrong or dangerous adive that will probably make things worse.But fuck it it might be fun.So if you have a wee willy.or you think you have mange,or you've had a 3some and you need advice ask the agony Patt.No prob;em to small.No advice senciable.So comment away and i will try to solve your every problem.......Oh no Gay problems ,I dont have a clue about all that stufff.

Come on, after reading that, you’ve got to admit you’re now curious, so go check it


Blogger paddy said...

Thanks for the Review of Pattagony.
I can see reading between the lines that you have a problem with comitment and have a tendancy to stare at small people while attempting to tickle them with an extended pole, to in some way torrment the wee fellows into a small version of rage.This i find gives you so much joy that it has lead to you spending many a night in the local jail under charges against real people who look as if they are standing far away but are in actual fact standing very close to you.I think that once you manage to take this odd practice out of your life you will probably just replace it with another more serious practice like stroking kestrals till they are sick while juggeling teapots every second or third saturday.If not you,ll probably be fine.Again thanks for the mention oh and good blog i will come back to whats good in the blog world.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

My could you know all of that about me? It's like you're psychic... or STALKING me!

8:59 AM  

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